How To Pick The Best Storage Units For Your Vehicles

Around the country, all sorts of people are choosing to place their vehicles into storage. They are soldiers getting ready to deploy and city apartment dwellers with two cars but only one designated parking spot. Business owners may need a convenient location to securely park their company cars while motorcycle and boat owners are only looking for seasonal storage. Classic car owners find that they need special facilities while others are happy just to park their vehicles outside.

With such a diverse customer base, there isn't a one size fits all option when it comes to finding the best storage units for your vehicles. Use these questions to help you figure out what will work best for you. 

What Type of Vehicle Storage is Available?

There are three types of vehicle storage units commonly available. These are:

  • Uncovered parking spaces
  • Covered parking spots
  • Fully enclosed parking units

If you are planning on keeping your vehicle in an uncovered parking space for a long period of time, make sure that you provide a cloth cover for it to prevent sun damage. Covered parking spots work well for over-sized vehicles that you want to protect from the rain and sun. Fully enclosed units are essentially a garage and work best for smaller vehicles. Since some of the enclosed units also can be climate controlled, they may be the best option for people who own classic cars.

How Often Will You Need to Access the Vehicle?

For seasonal vehicles such as RVs, motorcycles, and boats, the nearness of the storage facility won't be such a big deal. In fact, many people store their boats and RVs close to their vacation destination instead of near their home. However, if you need to access the vehicle on a regular basis, then you need to find a convenient location with access during the hours that you require access. Most businesses store their company vehicles very close to their location.

What is Your Budget for Vehicle Storage?

The least expensive option for vehicle storage will always be the outdoor, uncovered parking space within a storage facility. The more protection and space that the storage unit provides, the higher your costs will be. You can cut costs and get great service if you are willing to travel. In rural areas, the cost of monthly rent is much lower than it is within a large urban area.

The good news is that once you have paid your monthly rent, you can move your vehicle into the storage facility.

Talk with someone from a business like El Cajon Mini Storage to learn about different storage options.

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