Protect Your Property With 6 Packing Tips

If you are planning a move, chances are that you aren't too excited about packing up all your belongings. Packing is famously one of the most difficult parts of moving, after finding a new home, of course. With these tips, you can easily protect your belongings before, during, and after the move.

1. Wrap breakable items in clothing and blankets.

You most likely do not need to spend money on bubble wrap if you have plenty of clothing, blankets, and towels you need to transport. This works well for glasses, mugs, plates, and glass decorative items.

2. Label boxes with the rooms they belong in.

This prevents extra moving of boxes, which could result in breakage. Plus, it saves you the headache of having to open each box to ensure that the items inside match the room they are in.

3. Saran wrap the openings of your toiletries before putting the tops on.

This prevents not only your toiletries from being ruined, but also prevents leakage from ruining your other belongings. You certainly do not want to open a box only to find that all your books are covered in lotion.

4. Pack plates vertically.

Your plates are not as likely to break when they are packed in boxes vertically rather than lying flat. You should place items between the plates to keep them in place. Cardboard, bubble wrap, blankets, and clothing can work well.

5. Keep items in their respective drawers with cling wrap.

You can actually use drawers like their own boxes. Plus, you lighten the load of the dresser. You can also reinforce the drawers to ensure that they travel safely and without breaking.

6. Hold small parts in tiny sandwich bags.

These bags may include items like screws and bolts for picture frames and other decorative items. You can also do this with cords, plugs, and other parts for electronics that you want to keep together. Then, tape the bag to the item it is related to so that it does not get lost.

If you are planning to move, it is important that you focus on keeping your items stowed away safely. Moving is already a hassle, but there are certainly ways you can make the process go smoothly. Hiring a household moving company to handle the moving can actually take away some of the stress. Plus, it ensures that your items arrive at their new home safely. Visit websites like for more tips.

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