Moving Pets Can Be Difficult

Moving with pets can be difficult. Each kind of pet has its own particular issues. Even different animals within the same species can have their own issues. For example, if you have two cats, one cat may have no problems with being in a carrier and moving, while the other will be very upset with the whole process. 


If you have cats, there are a few things that you are going to want to do. The first thing you want to do is to go see your vet. There are different reasons to go see your vet. One is that you can get a copy of their medical reasons. Another reason is that you can talk to your doctor about getting some medication for your pet. That medication can be to help them stay calm, as well as to help keep them from getting motion sick. While your cats can take the same medications that you can to help stay calm and to fight motion sickness, you don't want to give them medication without your doctor's directions because dosing a 12lb cat is different to dosing a 150lb person. 

Since you don't want your cats to be loose in the car for your safety as well as theirs, you will want to get some kind of travel container. You will want to make sure that they have enough space to stretch out, as well as space for food and water. You will want to have a cat litter box as well, but you don't want to have it in their container. You should stop every two hours and let your cats out so they can use the litter box. If they have messed in their litter box, you should clean it out then. 


Moving fish can be even trickier. Fish are easily stressed out when you move them from container to container and when you get to the new house, any water change can upset your fish. If you are doing a relatively short move, handling your fish is different to a long distance move. For a short distance move, you will want to get the same kind of bags that pet stores send the fish home in. Fill them up with enough water to cover your fish, plus a little extra, and then make sure the rest of the bag is filled with air to help keep enough air in the water. Use a rubber band on the top so that you don't waste any bag space. When you drain the aquarium, save as much of the water as possible so that your fish will be going back into the same water. If they are tropical fish, make sure that you have a container that will let you keep them warm while you are moving, especially if it's cold outside. 

Moving is hard enough on you, and you understand what's going on. It can be many times more difficult on your pets because they don't understand what's going on. For more information, contact a commercial moving company.

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