The Dos And Don'ts Of Putting High Quality Wooden Furniture In Self Storage

Well made wooden furniture can last for many years—but only if you take proper care of it. If you need to put some of your high quality wooden furniture in a storage unit temporarily, you need to take special care to ensure it emerges in good condition. It would be a shame to pay for a storage unit, only to open it and find your expensive furniture moldy and stained several months later. Follow these tips, for success.

Clean and condition it first

A few days before you plan on putting the piece into storage, give it a good, thorough cleaning. Use a furniture cleaner made specifically for wood, as this is less likely to dry it out. Once the piece is clean, apply a wood conditioner according to the instructions on the bottle. Massage it into the wood using a soft cloth, and wipe away any excess. It's important to do this a few days in advance so the conditioner has time to sink into the wood. This will help keep it from cracking or splitting while in storage.

Protect the legs

If your wooden piece has legs,  they're the most vulnerable parts. They can get bumped when you're moving other things in the unit, and they're the most likely to be chewed by insects or rodents. You can protect them by wrapping them in some soft clothes, such as old wash clothes. Secure the clothes by tying strings around them or rubber banding them into place—but make sure the rubber bands don't touch the wood as they can discolor it over time.

Place it on a pallet

Do not store the furniture directly on the storage unit's floor. If even a small amount of water seeps in, it can be absorbed into the legs and travel up the piece where it perpetuates molding and may cause the finish to peel away. Store the furniture on top of a pallet. Lay a tarp down on the pallet and then put the furniture on the tarp. This way, if moisture does end up on the floor, it won't be transferred from the pallet to the furniture.

Choose climate-controlled storage 

You'll pay a few dollars more per month for climate-controlled storage than for non-climate-controlled storage. However, it really is a necessity in this case. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can warp the wood and damaging it permanently. In a climate-controlled unit, temperature and humidity are kept within a normal range so your furniture does not suffer.

Take your time to prepare your furniture and store it properly, and it should stay shiny and sturdy for decades to come. For more information, contact companies like Island Movers. 

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