Is It A Good Idea To Move House When Pregnant?

Pregnancy can feel like a logical time to move house. There's a new baby on the way, and since your family is growing, you'll need a living space that reflects this. But is it wise, or even safe to move while you're pregnant? It certainly can be—provided you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your baby. Clearly, this involves having someone else take care of the heavy lifting.

Some Professional Advice 

You should consult your obstetrician or physician before making any arrangements. They won't try to discourage your plans, but they may have certain recommendations about the best stage of your pregnancy for moving. Studies have suggested that moving during the first trimester of your pregnancy may contribute to lower birth weight or even premature birth. The risk may not be significant, but it's best to avoid it by moving house at the most appropriate stage of your pregnancy.

Your Moving Company

You'll need to be mindful about avoiding physical exertion during the moving process. You'll undoubtedly have some help, but be sure to hire a reputable local moving company for all the heavy lifting. No disrespect to your partner, friends, and family who may be planning to oversee your moving efforts, but professional efficiency can be extremely helpful. For one thing, you can prioritize that one of the first things unloaded and set up is your bed, so you don't have to spend too much time on your feet.

Local Moving Company Residential Services

It can be beneficial to inquire about the other services your moving company offers to residential customers. These can be helpful for anyone moving house but can make things infinitely easier while pregnant. They may offer a cleaning service (either handled directly or by a third-party supplier), which saves you work (and exposure to cleaning chemicals). Additionally, ask if they provide moving containers. These can be deposited outside your home, and are filled at your leisure—focussing on items that you won't need every day. This allows you to pack up your belongings, piece by piece, at a schedule that doesn't require too much physical effort in a single session. On moving day, these are transported to your new home.

So, yes, it's certainly possible to move to a new home when you're pregnant. It's important to discuss the matter with your obstetrician or physician and to make the necessary arrangements to ensure most of the physical labor associated with moving is handled by someone else.

To prepare for your next move, contact a residential local moving company to get support moving while pregnant. 

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